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How To Get Your Free CD:

  1. Donate 10 bucks! (or more) You can donate to any tsunami relief organization, like Sarvodaya, Habitat for Humanity, even local fundraising efforts at a university or church! Here's a list. Make sure to get a receipt!

    Some organizations that focus on immediate aid are no longer accepting donations for tsunami-related issues. That doesn't mean help isn't still needed! There are many ongoing projects to help the people of south Asia get their lives back!
  2. Take a picture of your receipt! You can use a camera phone, scanner, digital camera, whatever. Just make sure the date, amount, and organization are visible. To get a CD, the date on your receipt must be after April 4, 2005 and the amount must be $10 or more.

    If you received your receipt via email, we'll accept a picture of a ten dollar bill, a roll of quarters, a pile of nickels, dimes, or pennies, ten Sacagawea dollars, or your smiling self.
  3. Send the picture to us! Make sure to include your name and address, and an optional short dedication note if you wish. You can send receipts by email, or by snail mail, to the addresses below.

    If you got an email receipt, send us a copy of the receipt (please delete any personal information such as your credit card number.)

    We'll put the picture in our gallery and send you a copy of the Indie Pop Cares a Lot CD! And yes, we'll send CDs to countries outside the US.


Indie Pop Cares a Lot
1390 Columbia Ave. #123
Lancaster, PA 17603

Note: One CD per receipt, while supplies last. Please give us a couple weeks to get your CD in the mail. If your CD is defective, just send it back to us and we'll send you another one.